Primarily founded to assist the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries in tackling fundamental problems in materials and process, Semi Solar Technologies has vast experience in semiconductor material research and development, material process technology, plant, equipment design and systems integration and engineering.
We also have strong ties with universities giving us the leverage to use the knowledge and research facilities available which are not available commercially. If you are all set up we can also assist you in training your personnel to run the equipment to full production capacity or to troubleshoot only those areas that your desire

On the management side our responsibilities include

  • Interacting with engineers / managers globally and to provide technical solutions as well as to provide a marking interface.
  • Developing vendor base and setting up documentation processes
  • Assisting in long term planning and budgeting activities and write-up for projects for funding requests from Federal Sources.
  • Setting up process for establishing the Centre of Excellence for Hardware development and sustaining activities.
  • Setting up Software development CoE for product development sustaining activities.
  • Program management as well as working and dealing with excessive customer demands.
  • Planning for the activities and preparing schedule chart with allocation of resources.