We have extended our activities in the photovoltaic area such that we can take your industry from concept to commission. We can set up your facility or help you out only in those areas where you may need assistance.


  • Designing and setting up polysilicon plants for PV industries
  • Designing and manufacturing CVD reactors for polysilicon deposition
  • Methods of characterizing polysilicon after production
  • Other impurities

Crystal growth
  • CZ crystal growth equipment set up
  • Set up of silicon casting facility for mulitigrain ingots
  • Designs of the related hot zones including thermal modeling using CFD
  • Process related to CZ and casting
  • New technologies emerging in the area of crystal growth

Wafer slicing
  • Ingot shaping and dicing
  • Wafer slicing using the wire saw
  • Wafer Cleaning related issues

Cell and module manufacture
  • Etching
  • Diffusion related processes
  • PECVD coating
  • Screen printing
  • Cell testing
  • Module assembly line

Semi Solar Activities

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